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Лагеря в странах Азии (часть 4)

NICE/12  Ikata  (Ehime)  08/03-22/03  AGRI, ARTS  10 vols. (5 int.)

Newly organized with a local group, Kikuya Community Group, which local young people formed to think of the future of their small village.  Ikata town is famous for oranges that is the main industry there. But the town has been facing the depopulation, lack of workers since most of young people leave the town.  Number of abandoned orange farms is increasing and the town is losing traditions and customs. They want to work with volunteer to animate the town and revive orange farms.

W: We will be divided 2-3 persons and work with farmers in each orange farm, mainly harvesting and take care of orange trees that is not rely on agrichemical and chemical manure. So, it is good for health and nature.  We will also clean up the town and find good site points of this town.

S: Organic farming and rural development.  Bring some info.!

A: Volunteers house in the town.  SB!  CV

L: About 350 km northwest of Osaka.  Satamisaki Peninsula in Ehime prefecture .

T: Osaka (8hours by bus and train).  From Tokyo, 8hours by bullet train or 14hours by midnight bus.

SR: If you can speak some Japanese, it will be good!


BE CAREFUL!!  Bilateral workcamp between VIETNAMESE & JAPANESE!!!


NICE-VPV/13  Hanoi 1  (* Vietnam)  09/03-15/03  AGRI, KIDS, EDUC  10 vols. (0 int.)

Newly organized together with Volunteers for Peace Vietnam (VPV)and Vietnam Friendship Village. VFV is a treatment/care centre for Agent Orange victims such as children and veterans, opened in 1993. Organic Gardening Project was launched in 2004 to create islands of a harmonious approach to agriculture within areas of environmental and human devastation.  Now, the farm is providing 60% of the village’s consumption of vegetable.  We expect to cover all the needs and even for sale to raise fund.

W: We will help with clearing the site, preparing soil, weeding, planting vegetables and trees, cleaning a fish pond, redecorating the flowers in the garden, moving bricks for construction or collecting garbage. We will also play with the children or exchange with local volunteers and farmers.

S: Agent Orange.  Bring some info.!

A: Domitory near the Friendship village.  SB!  CV and MP

L: Ha Tay Province, very close to the extreme western limit of Hanoi Capital

T: Hanoi (VPV will kindly pick volunteers up at the airport!)

LA: Excursion, exchange parties, etc.

SR: To like farming and playing with disable kids.

PF: 180 US$ to be paid on your arrivals.


First international FAMILY workcamp in Asia!!


NICE/14  Kikuchi  (Kumamoto)  14/03-23/03  ENVI  6 families (3 int. families)

Organized together with “Kirari Suigen Mura” a local NGO, since 2005. In spite of a wonderful natural heritage, depopulation of youth is serious here as well as many other villages in Japan. They are tackling community improvement by using an abandon wooden school and planning to organize green-tourism so that many people come and know nature beauty in this area.  NICE has organized 5 weekend workcamps for families successfully since 2005 and it will be the first international one!.

W: We will maintain natural farming experience zone (environmental protection) and also help to explore family programs.  There will be some Japanese volunteers who may take care of children while their parents will work.  Part of Greening Asia (Asian common action on forest protectin).

S: Future plan of KSM and family projects.  Bring some info.!

A: A building in the center.  You may share rooms with others.  SB!  CV and MP

L: Kikuchi is located in Kyushu island and near the border with Oita and Fukuoka prefectures.  1 hour from Kumamoto city by bus.  It is famous for hot springs and its nature beauty. 

T: Fukuoka (2 hours by car)

LA: Exchange parties, excursions, etc.

SR: Motivation to work and exchange with local people!  We welcome families from any parts of the world.  The age of the children should be 2-12.

PF: There is no fee!


NICE/15  Iwami Ginzan  (Shimane)  15/03-24/03  ENVI  8vols. (4 int.)

Organized since 2007 together with Organization of Green and Water (OGW) that was founded in 92 to appeal about the importance of a prairie and forest.. Their working field is Iwami Ginzann that has been designated as a World Heritage since 2007.  It will attract a number of people. Before spring sightseeing season, they want to take care of the forests.  Once we use the forests, it is better to keep taking care of them.  Otherwise, the heritage will be destroyed by increment of bamboo forests.

W: We will do various work to take care of the forests such as cutting bamboos and grasses, maintaining the footpath, etc.  Local people burn off the field for landscape conservation of prairie once a year, so we will also help to fire protection.  Physically hard.  Part of Greening Asia.

S: To protect nature and Greening Asia.  Bring some info.

A: National Mikame youth's house and Local house   SB!.  MP and CV

L: About 250 km northwest of Osaka.  Near Japan sea

T: Osaka (9 hours by train).  From Tokyo, 6 hours by bullet train or 12 hours by midnight bus.

LA: Exchange parties, home stay, etc.

SR: Interested in nature conservation and to exchange with people.


BE CAREFUL!!  Bilateral workcamp between VIETNAMESE & JAPANESE!!!


NICE-VPV/16  Hanoi 2  (* Vietnam)  16/03-22/03  AGRI, KIDS, EDUC  10 vols. (0 int.)

Same as NICE-VPV/13


NICE-MOVE/17  Klang 2  (* Malaysia)  16/03-29/03  KIDS, DISA   13 vols. (5-8 int.)

Same as NICE-MOVE/09

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