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Лагеря в странах Азии (часть 3)

NICE-MOVE/07  Julau 1  (* Malaysia) 17/02-01/03 CONS, MANU  15 vols. (5-10 int.)

Organized together with Chabu Long House and Malaysian Organization of Voluntary Exchange (MOVE) since 2005.  MOVE is a new NGO to promote workcamps in Malaysia formed by ex. vols. in the past projects.  NICE will co-organize workcamps with them for 2-3 years and then, they will do it independently.  NICE organized this workcamp in Sep. 05 for the first time on Borneo island with a lot of results for exchange with local people and activation on these depopulated mountain communities!

W: We will do various types of community works such as digging a drainage, reconstruction of the road, paving a washing area on the bank of the river, etc.  We may also visit a school for one day as well as try to produce dry fruits or handicrafts to be sold abroad to utilize their wonderful nature & culture.

S: Future projects and cooperation in Malaysia.  Bring some info.!

A: Home stay in the long houses (1-2 vols. in each family) with bathing in the river.  SB!  CV

L: A small village in the jungle of Sarawak Island.  45 minutes by 4W car from the nearest town and we can enjoy to exchange with local cheerful people of minority race.

T: Kuching (6 hours by boat and car)

LA: Exchange parties with Iban dance and drink, excursions, etc.

SR: To be flexible/ adaptable/ physically strong.

PF: 400 RM (about 100 US$) to be paid on your arrivals


NICE/08  Kurikoma  (Miyagi)  18/02-02/03  CONS, ENVI  5 vols. (3 int.)

Organized together with Kurikoma Plateau Nature School (KPNS) since 2006. KPNS reviews relations of humans and nature, and is offering the place where happier life can come. They provide various nature-oriented courses, eco-tour, kids programs and independence support of the students who have difficult backgrounds. They have the eco-village plan, and environment-friendly life is practiced there for the sustainable society.

W: We will do the various works needed in the KPNS and area such as lowering the snow, making the

firewood using scrap wood.  It will be physically hard.  We will do various activities with the youth in KPNS, who have problem such as withdrawals.

S: Unique nature school in each country.  Bring some info.!

A: Log cabin.  SB!  CV

L: Center of Tohoku area, north part of Japan.  It is specified for the quasi-national park and you can enjoy the beech wood and the alpine plant in all seasons.  There is a snow of 2 meters in Feb & Mar.

T: Tokyo (3 hours by bullet train or 9 hours by bus)

LA: Exchange parties, excursion, etc.

SR: Motivation to actively work in the cold area and with youth!  There’ll be no workcamp leader while we will have a local coordinator.  No vegetarian and cigarette smokers.


NICE-MOVE/09  Klang 1  (* Malaysia)  24/02-08/03  KIDS, DISA  13 vols. (5-8 int.)

Organized together with MOVE (see NICE-MOVE/07) and a spastic school for mentally challenged kids since 2005.  The school where the leader of MOVE works did not want to host volunteers since Malaysian medical internship students are reluctant to have close contact with the kids, but changed the idea after seeing behaviors of Japanese vols. in 2005 who were very close to the kids!  We aim to stimulate on their life and improve their communication skills.  They are so cute!

W: We'll assist the teachers in the school by helping their lessons as well as organizing to songs, games, drawing, swimming, excise.  We may also help maintenance of the buildings and the gardens and go to other schools by turns (2-3 volunteers each day).

S: Situation of mentally challenged kids and Sister Special School Project.  Bring some info.!

A: School.  SB!  MP

L: Port town, not far from Kuala Lumpur (about 1 hour).  In Malaysia, 60% of population is Malay, 25% is Chinese and 10% is Indian.

T: Kuala Lumpur (1 hour by train)

LA: Exchange parties, excursion, etc.

SR: Those who likes children and has high motivation to work with them.  You also need to respect

local cultures and ways.  Experience of workcamps and similar type of voluntary service are welcome!

PF: 400 RM (about 100 US$) to be paid on your arrivals


NICE-MOVE/10  Julau 2  (* Malaysia)  02/03-15/03  CONS, MANU  15 vols. (5-10 int.)

Same as NICE-MOVE/07


BE CAREFUL!!  Farm-stay program requiring Japanese language!!


NICE/11  Erabu  (Kagoshima)  03/03-23/03  AGRI  12 vols. (0-2 int.)

Organized together with some farmers and the local government since 95.  Feb.-Mar. is the busiest period for flower farming, the main industry of the island.  So, they face the shortage of even temporary paid workers and we volunteers will support them!  This is NOT a typical workcamp, BUT rather a farm-stay program except last 4-5 days on which the volunteers stay and do some activities such as cleaning the beach and visiting elders home together.

W: We will be divided into 2-3 persons and work with farmers in each farms, mainly harvest and shipment of chrysanthemum.  It will be not so hard but for long hours with same type of simple works, so your motivation to share the life & work with them is very important!!

S: Future plan of the island.  Bring some info.!

A: Each farm.  SBN.  MP but you may need to help.

L: 536 km south of Kagoshima.  Nice nature, culture and people, not polluted by tourism. Quite warm (average in a day is 20 degree in winter).  One of the safest places in the world!?

T: Naha (6 hours by ship).  From Tokyo, it takes 3 days by the slow train and ship for the cheapest way.

LA: Sports with local youth, excursion, exchange parties, etc.

SR: Very good Japanese language (there will be phone interview). Camp language will be JAPANESE! Vols. can get some pocket money, but don’t expect so much!

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