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Лагеря в странах Азии (часть 1)

NICE/84 Kikuchi (Kumamoto)  09/12-25/12/2007  ENVI, CONS  6 vols. (3 int.)

Organized together with “Kirari Suigen Mura” a local NGO, since 2005.  In spite of a wonderful natural heritage, depopulation of youth is serious here as well as many other villages in Japan. They are tackling community improvement by using an abandon wooden school and planning to organize green-tourism so that many people come and know nature beauty in this area.  Our aim is to animate the local community, so we will also help local farmers, join local events, etc.

W: We will construct a small cottage for forestry volunteers.  We will also help local organic farmers in their farms and organize volunteer’s events which could involve many local people.  We would do various community works needed in the area.

S: To be decided later.

A: A building in the center. You may share a room with others. SB! CV

L: Kikuchi is located in Kyushu island and near the border with Oita and Fukuoka prefectures. 1 hour from Kumamoto city by bus.  It is famous for hot springs and its nature beauty. 

T: Fukuoka (2 hours by car)

LA: Exchange parties, excursions, etc.

SR: Motivation to actively work and with local people!


NICE-IIWC/85  Tambak Rejo (* Indonesia)  18/12-28/12/2007  MEDI, KIDS 25 vols. (5 int.)

Organized together with Indonesia International Work Camp team (IIWC) and Euphoria , a student group of a medical department of Keio university in Tokyo.  NICE has organized group workcamps with Euphoria and IIWC since 2004.  This is the first time to have a workcamp in this fishermen’s village and we aim to improve the hygiene and health of local people, especially children as well as to promote friendship, mutual understanding and solidarity among vols. & locals.

W: We will try behavior changing, education and teaching of personal hygiene/ health for local people especially children.  We will also organize English/ Japanese lesson with children, teenagers or adults, culture exchange, school visit, club activities like singing, music, drawing and many more.

S: Future plan of the village and international cooperation.  Bring some info.!

A: Homestay.  SB!  CV

L: A small, peaceful village north of Semarang, Central Java.  It is quite hot in the morning (29-32 C), but afternoon-evening is easier with some rain

T: Semarang

LA: Exchange parties, excursion, etc.

SR: Big motivation to the theme of the workcamp and respect to the local cultures/ ways.

For more info. and applications, please contact with IIWC: iiwcindonesia@hotmail.com

PF: 185 US$ to be paid on your arrivals


NICE/01  Shirakami  (Aomori)  05/01-14/01  ENVI  8 vols. (4 int.)

Organized since 2006 together with Shirakami Mountains Preservation Society (SMPS) founded in 93. The Shirakami Mountains is a huge mountainous area and one of Japanese valuable preserved natural forests consisting primarily of beech trees. It was registered as a World Natural Heritage in 1993 and SMPS wants to help preserving the natural beauty of the Shirakami Mountains, so we will try to revive it by the global voluntary power!

W: We will do the various works needed in the SMPS and area such as lowering the snow, making the firewood using scrap wood.  It will be physically hard. We will do various activities with the locals including the children in this town.

S: Nature school in each country. Bring some info.!

A: A simple house.  SB!  CV

L: The Shirakami Mountains, located in the northern part of Honshu Island, is a huge mountainous area (130,000 hectares on the border between Aomori and Akita Prefectures).

T: Tokyo (7 hours by bullet train or 10 hours by bus)

LA: Exchange parties, snowshoe hiking, snowmobile etc.

SR: Motivation to actively work in the forests with local people!


BE CAREFUL!! Trilateral teenager workcamp by Filipino/ Korean/ Japanese!!

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