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Лагерь в Германии

VJF 3.1 Berlin - hum


Time: 18/02 - 10/03/08

Participants: 20


Arrival day: 18th of February, during the day

Departure: 10th of March, during the day


Location: Berlin


Project: Your help will be needed during an Art project in the Museum fuer Naturkunde of the Humbold-University in Berlin (Berlin Museum of Natural History). The main task will be guiding groups of visitors behind the scenes, from collection to collection, from scientist to scientist, in the Museum. Another task will be to see to the collections.


The working hours will be quite different in this project, in the evenings, from 6 p.m. until 11 p.m.. You will also work on Saturdays but you will get another day off instead.


Camp language: English, German skills are very welcome


Accommodation: You will live in bungalows. Don’t worry showers and toilets are inside.


Food: You will have the possibility to prepare your own meals in the centre.

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