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Лагеря в Италии

Winter - Spring international staying 2008

Working at Convent San Giorgio


LegW01           Goriano Valli (Aq)       Abruzzo           26/11/07           07/12/08           12

LegW02           Goriano Valli (Aq)       Abruzzo           07/01/08           18/01/08           12

LegW03           Goriano Valli (Aq)       Abruzzo           21/01/08           08/02/08           12

LegW04           Goriano Valli (Aq)       Abruzzo           11/02/08           22/02/08           12

LegW05           Goriano Valli (Aq)       Abruzzo           25/02/08           07/03/08           12

LegW06           Goriano Valli (Aq)       Abruzzo           10/03/08           20/03/08           12

LegW07           Goriano Valli (Aq)       Abruzzo           26/03/08           11/04/08           12

LegW08           Goriano Valli (Aq)       Abruzzo           14/04/08           25/04/08           12

LegW09           Goriano Valli (Aq)       Abruzzo           28/04/08           09/05/08           12

LegW10           Goriano Valli (Aq)       Abruzzo           12/05/08           23/05/08           12

LegW11           Goriano Valli (Aq)       Abruzzo           26/05/08           07/06/08           12




Legambiente is running since 1999 the ex-Convent San Giorgio, a Volunteering Permanent Centre that has been hosting hundreds of volunteers in different occasions (national and international work-camps, European Volunteering Service,…). The Convent is located in the region of Abruzzo, centre of Italy, about 150 km away from Rome. It has been fully restored by the local institution Mountain Community and we furnished it following as much as possible “static free” standards. The project aims to bring new economic, tourism and especially cultural and spiritual movements in a quite isolated area. It deals with sustainable living, no waste, recycling and clever use of energies.


The Project

As every year, from January until June, Legambiente proposes to spend some days at the ex Convento San Giorgio: a good chance to meet people from all over the world, to know a bit of Italian culture, getting in touch with permaculture and sustainable living; all this staying in a Convent of the XVII century.  Tasks of the participants change according to the period of the year, the season and the weather, but can be summarized in:

- maintenance of the structure (cleaning the Convent, painting walls, restoring windows,...)

- feeding the animals (chickens, ducks, sheep, goats, donkeys)

- working in the garden

- cleaning path around the Convent in the wonderful Regional Park of Sirente-Velino.

You will be sharing rooms inside the Convent.


ATTENTION: Winter is very cold and long. Average temperature is -5°C to +5°C. No heating. Hot water available twice a day from 6.30 to 7.30 a.m.;  from 4.00 to 5.00 p.m.

Please note that there is no internet connection available at the Convent; telephone is available only with international prepaid phone-cards.


Work will often be outside.


Inscription fee: Euro 100 to be paid at the arrival


Schedule day

7.00 am: feeding the animals - preparing breakfast

7.30 am: breakfast

8.00 am: work

13.00.: lunchtime

14.00: back to work

16.00: free time

19.30: dinner

Saturday and Sunday free time


For further information about the project: www.conventosangiorgio.it

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