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Лагеря в странах Азии (часть 6)

NICE/LM03  Kawaba  (Gunma)  AGRI, ENVI  15/06-30/08  1 vol.

Host organization is Aruking-club, an NPO, working on the theme of “making good relationship between nature and human beings”.  Their aim is to make people know different face of nature… beautiful nature, strong nature, strict nature and generous nature.  As a bridge between people and nature, they organize a lot of outdoor activities, like 2 weeks summer camp for kids, nature walking, nature watching, outdoor sports, etc.  Also they have organic vegetable fields and domestic animals (cow, sheep, etc).  They run it and also make opportunities for people to experience agriculture.  In addition, they have a lodge and camp site and host a lot of people through a year.

W: Working in the organic farm, taking care of domestic animals, supporting to organize outdoor activities and summer camps, cleaning and maintaining the lodge and its area.

A: Single room of lodge.  Cooked by yourself with other volunteers.  Pocket money is not decided yet.

S: Interesting program for nature camp, family camp, etc. Bring some info.

L: North of Tokyo.  About 150 km of Tokyo.  81% of the village is occupied by the forest and there are 5 clean rivers are going through.  Aruking club is very isolated but in very beautiful area.

T: From Tokyo, about 2 hours by train & bus

Q: ASIAN VOLUNTEER ONLY.  Speaking some Japanese and some English.  Strong interests and motivation working in nature.  Willing to stay in the isolated area.


NICE/LM07  Kikuya  (Ehime)  AGRI, ARTS  Jan. - Apr., Apr. - Jun.  2 vols.

The host organization is, Kikuya Community Group, which local young people formed to think of the future of their small village.  Ikata town is famous for Oranges and the main industry of the town has been making oranges.  But the town has been facing the depopulation, lack of workers and ageing society since most of young people leave the town.  So, the number of abandoned orange farm is increasing and the town is losing its tradition, life, custom and scenery.  The group is strongly hoping to host volunteers and working together to animate the town and revive orange farms.

W: Helping orange farm (harvesting, taking care of trees, etc. this is a main work), organizing culture, language class for local people and kids, supporting old people who live in alone (being with them, talking with them), organizing new activities to animate the town (planning & organizing activities)

S: Organic farming and rural development. Bring some info.!

A: Volunteers house. Single room. Cooked by yourselves.  Pocket money is 20,000 yen/ month.

L: The town is located in Satamisaki Peninsula in Ehime prefecture.  It is surrounded by the sea, so fishing is also famous as well as oranges.  There are only 30 houses in this community.

T: Matsuyama. From Matsuyama, about 2 hours by train and bus

Q: Speaking good Japanese, strong motivation for the host.  Respecting local custom and life.  Open mind and flexibility is important.


NICE/LM09  Abukuma 1  (Fukushima)  ENVI  Apr - Sep  1 vol.

Host organization is Abukuma Nature School Network.  The theme of this organization is learning from soil and nature, and live together! and to make it into practice, they organize many programs and activities for ranging from kids to adults.  For example, they organize nature school, class room for farmer, foresters, and organic farming group, visiting local school, 2 weeks nature camp for kids, etc. They are hoping to make these programs more active and make better relationship between local community and organization.

W: Planning, preparing and organizing above events, programs with other staff. Agricultural and forest works are also very important.

S: Organizing nature activities. Please bring some information of nature school in your country.

A: Single room of nature school. Pocket money of 20,000 yen per month

L: Small village in forest area, the population is about 5,000.  Village is surrounded by rich nature.

T: Tokyo (2 hours and half from Tokyo by bus)

Q: Speaking some Japanese, strong motivation for the host. Interests in informal education and nature activities. Experience of similar types of work is welcome!


NICE/LM10 Maki (Nagano) AGRI, DISA Jan - end of Mar.  2 vols.

Host organization is Kyodo-gakusha (See the explanation of NICE/LM01 Shintoku)

W: Various agricultural work including domestic animals, construction and house work, supporting their daily life (Cooking, cleaning together).  You need to respect their style and pace of life.

A: Shared room in Kyodo Gakusha, cooking as a group by turn (Vegetarian is possible!)

L: Very isolated, but beautiful village near “Japanese Northern Alps”. It is very cold in winter. There are something remained here that most of Japanese areas have lost in modernization.

T: From Tokyo, 4 hours by express train or 8-10 hours by bus and train.

Q: Speaking good Japanese, strong motivation. Skills of agriculture or construction can be useful!

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